For CCS contestant(s) to prepare

Please let your club contestant(s) to tell these info below for preparing of ACM contest, these info need to provide from August by each contestant by website, and must prepare each. These steps also need the contestant become from WLC to CCS, once CCS to be WLC is need.

  1. Act of video

Reason for back stage staff, need same act for perform at ACM2017, upload on the website.

  1. Music info of the act

This is important issue for all contestants, please check other page for detal.

  1. Cue sheets

From website to informed, for detail check website later.

  1. Music file

If contestant need any music during the act, before come to ACM2017 MUST upload on the site by internet. It means “not accept by CD or any media to bring ACM”.

  1. Picture of contestant face

For the printing materials and any materials to introduce of the contestant need it. By JPEG only, upload by website.

  1. Flight info
  2. Hotel info
  3. Visa info

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